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It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This.

I’ll set up a giveaway for you, like the one of this page. I will host it and promote it. That means I will email my list and submit the giveaway to 20 or so giveaway directories. 

All you provide is the prize.

What’s the catch? None, I only ask that I have a two spots in the give away. Both of us will benefit from the engagement of people entering the giveaway and engaging with the content to earn points.

Overview Of A Viral Giveaway

Website Visitors

The giveaway helps capture visitor’s attention with attractive giveaways … and what happens next is AMAZING.

Enter Giveaway

Website visitors must use their email to enter the giveaway.

Benefit: Grow Your Email List

Viral Sharing

Visitors are incentivized to share the giveaway to earn entries.

Benefit: Increased Engagement

Supercharged Growth

Word-of-mouth advertising helps you get more traffic, FASTER!

BenefitMore Sales + Revenue

In addition to the viral sharing shown above, visitors are also incentivized to perform actions like: Visit a Facebook Page, Follow on Twitter, Visit Instagram, Follow on Pinterest, Watch a Video, Leave a Comment on a Blog, just to name a few.

Dr. Hector Reyes, owner of The MSK Room, shares his experience with using our Viral Giveaway promotion. (his giveaway was started on 1/24/22 and is running through 3/9/22. He shot this video on day 6 of the giveaway.

Down below is a live giveaway setup as a joint venture for The MSK Room. In this giveaway, contestants enter the giveaway in hopes of winning a $50 Amazon Giftcard

To your right is the live giveaway setup as a joint venture for the MSK Room. In this giveaway, contestants enter the giveaway in hopes of winning a $50 Amazon Giftcard

Contestants earn points by performing one or more of the following actions: 

  • Visit The MSK Room on Facebook.
  • View Facebook posts for The MSK Rooms FB Page.
  • View Instagram posts from The MSK Room
  • Retweet some tweets

All of the actions above benefit The MSK Room, by incentivizing visitors to engage with their content.

The actions “Retweet Giveaway Host” and “Promote the Giveaway” are what make the contest viral. Visitors are incentivized to help spread the contest because they will earn points, increasing their odds of winning

I benefit by receiving new subscribers to my giveaway notification list AND have a Tweet in there for retweeting. The MSK Room is reaping the benefits of having a Giveaway setup, ran and promoted for them. All they had to do is pay for the Giftcard and I do all the work, driving thousands of users, located in the USA and Canada, to their content. 

Actual Live Giveaway

How To Get Started

First you need to decide what your objective is. Do you want more followers on Twitter, more engagement with your tweets, more followers on Facebook, more comments on your blog posts, more video views, ect. 

Once you know what your objective is, let me know so I can put together a giveaway proposal for you to review. Once we get the giveaway configured to your liking we will go live and start promoting it.

If you have any questions, feel free to schedule a call.


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